David Hunter CV
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
W: dah5.me.uk/davidhunter
E: [email protected]
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
W: dah5.me.uk/davidhunter
E: [email protected]
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
W: dah5.me.uk/davidhunter
E: [email protected]
Work Experience
Launched Project: ICT ROCKS!

With me now having so many projects, and at least one domain dedicated to each major project, it is becoming more expensive in terms of financial cost and time to maintain.

Project ICT Rocks attempts to fix this by having two brand new short domains that will form as a suffix for some current and future web and email addresses.

A major bonus is that smaller and less important projects can now have their own dedicated sub domain that appears as if its a full fledged domain name, without worrying about cost.

The two new domains are ict.rocks and ict.scot. More information may be available soon, but feel free to reach out if interested.

2021 - PRESENT
Launched Monup: Uptime Monitor - monup.info

The one-minute service that keeps your web host in check.

Watches your website every minute of every day so you don't have to.

2018 - PRESENT
Launched Softwayr - softwayr.com

For some software development projects I work on.

In 2019, I registered softwayr.co.uk and softwayr.uk as alternative domains.

In 2021, I registered softwayr.net as an alternative domain.

OCT - DEC 2018
Service Staff, Carlton Hotel

Responsible for making sure the tables and surrounding areas were clean and tidy and set correctly at all times.

General cleaning and preparation duties around the restaurant and kitchen.

2016 - PRESENT
Launched Web Hosting Service - PersonaClix.com

I wanted to make having your own website simpler for Individuals and Small Businesses, and also do my bit to make the internet greener.

In 2021, I expanded the service to offer Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting.

In 2022, the service got upgraded to High Availability (HA) for both Web Hosting and VPS Hosting services.

DEC 2013
Website Developer, Sprint Communications

Had meetings and collaborated with the team on their in-house software.

Developed standalone prototypes for upcoming features without affecting main project.

2010 - PRESENT
Launched My Personal Website - david-hunter.net

For showcasing a profile of me and what I do.

In 2014, this changed to davidhunter.scot, with david-hunter.net being an alternative domain.

In 2018, I registered davidhunter.me.uk as an alternative.

In 2019, I registered dah.scot as a short domain variant, but discontinued the domain in 2021.

In 2020, I registered davidhunter.uk as an alternative domain, and davh.uk as a short domain variant, and vidhunter.uk as an email-only domain.

In 2021, I registered davh.net as short domain variant, and registered vid-hunter.net and vidhunter.scot as email-only domains.

2005 - PRESENT
Launched My First Website - dah5.me.uk

Created to teach myself how websites and domains work, and how to make a website and other web-based projects.

In 2008, I registered dah5.com and used it as the main domain, dah5.me.uk became an alternative domain.

In 2009, I registered dah5.co.uk as an alternative domain.

2012 - 2013 @ Kilmarnock College
HND Computing: Software Development
2011 - 2012 @ Kilmarnock College
HNC Computing: Software Development
2010 - 2011 @ Ayr College
NC Office Administration [Intermediate 2]
2009 - 2010 @ Ayr College
NC Computing [Higher]
• Possesses strong knowledge of computers and other technology and in a variety of applications and situations.
• Has the potential to be very focused, well organised, and methodical towards current task.
• Always strives to achieve high standards where possible.