Introducing DAH5 Games

My brand new games website is now live!

For many many years, I have on and off had a game on my website that was popular when I was in school. Today, I am very proud to announce its relaunch.

Love Calculator

My longest standing, and most popular game from back when I was in school and beyond allows you to put in your name and the name of someone else, and it will calculate how much you could be in love with each other.

After that, you can click a button to easily swap the names around to see how much they could be in love with you.

Of course, it is just a game and a bit of fun, so the results are not to be taken seriously, however, it could help you decide which path to take, or just waste some time when you are bored.

Play Love Calculator

So you want to play Love Calculator?

Head on over to the DAH5 Games website at

Other Games

The above mentioned Love Calculator game, at the time of writing, is currently the only game available to play, however, I do plan to come up with some more small simple games, and maybe even some bigger fancier games.

Keep an eye on my blog so you know when I launch new games or update my current ones.